2 thoughts on “Fate of Council Speaker’s East Harlem Plan Uncertain

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  2. Winfield and Johnson appear to be two key CB members who both understand these complex procedures and are fighting for communities aware input and informed consent. And pretty clearly with no ‘skin in the game’. No community should be expected to just ‘trust us’ by this (any?) administration. The complete incompetence (at best) that gave us Rivington House debacle is just one example. The influence of high-end real estate developers, PR firms and lobbyists who have had easy access to City Hall while community boards and Council Member warnings (that went through the “proper (only) channels”) went unheeded means the administration has some hard work to do to get any credibility back. There is no pass just because one claims the mantle of “progressive”.
    And having a board member NOT recuse themselves on a project when they have a blatant vested interest?
    Wondering why on public land affordable units aren’t required to be permanently affordable (30 years is a minute in NYC). What is the profit margin the developers hope to achieve? What do their CEO’s make? I assume not-for-profit affordable housing developers would have a lower profit margin than a profit-making developer? Anyone know?

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