4 thoughts on “Tests Loom for De Blasio’s Approach to Community Planning

  1. If deBlasio wants to better the lives of working New Yorkers, he should have vetoed the Brad Lander Nickel Fee on each of our shopping bags. In the long run, this accomplishes nothing for the environment as shoppers will be using stronger and heavier plastic bags which will never disintegrate.

    Since deBlasio and the city council lacks common sense, why hasn’t the State Assembly voted on the bill passed by the State Senate which overrode Lander’s Nickel Bag Fee?

    • You say the same thing on every site. 5 cents on bags, reckless bikes, u-turns…

      At least here you’re not blaming the Chinese or Pakistanis or Bernie Sanders…

  2. But of course the city goes in with “pre-baked plans”, regardless of Purmina Kapur claim otherwise.
    The pre-baked plan is to shoehorn in large residential buildings so the mayor can claim he has achieved his housing unit count goals. It doesn’t matter how inappropriate the sites and the land scape may be, not that the housing type DeBlasio ad his developer friends are building don’t create the kind of working communities the people of this city know are right for people, the “pre-baked plans” put these inappropriate high-rise housing structures at the top of any priority list, rand will never allow the community to suggest, let alone voice a planning perspective that embraces any other set of priorities.

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