One thought on “CityViews: Distorting Downtown Brooklyn’s Past Can Only Obscure Its Future

  1. Excellent report. . The main intention of the rezoning was to increase commercial/office space in order to retain and attract companies and jobs. When over 1 million sq feet of office space where lost to residential
    conversion or demolition for high rise luxury buildings, Calling this a success is shilling.

    To sum it up the rezoning:
    1. Did not increase office space, it decreased it.
    2. Residential development in the area did not positively affect affordability.
    Most of the surrounding neighborhoods witnessed a huge surge in rent prices.

    The only way this can be viewed as a success would be if the original intention was to transform a business district in to a luxury high rise residential district at the lowest possible cost paid by land owners and developers. Perhaps it was a Trojan horse all along.

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