City Limits exists to show New York another side of itself, and over the past 40 years, a roster of talented photographers (joined, occasionally, by a not-so-talented editor who happened to be holding a camera) has helped capture the people and places we covered. Some of the photos below were found in our archives with little identifying information. Click on the “more” button to read the stories behind some of the shots.

camp homeward bound

Children at Camp Homeward Bound, an upstate summer camp for homeless kids.


Iliana Rodriguez couldn’t open a window, receive a visitor or turn on her stove without encountering a problem that her landlord should have fixed—despite her Bronx building being on the Public Advocate’s watch-list. (Adi Talwar) 81st-Precinct-Meeting-6

At an 81st Precinct Council meeting, July 2010. (Marc Fader) jm scan 4

Rev. Al Sharpton in Crown Heights. (Andrew Lichtenstein)


From right to left: J. Santiago, Jeremy Fantauzzi and Oswaldo Mota share a laugh while hanging out on the corner of East 120th and Pleasant Avenue, 2011 (Marc Fader) Raven

Tiffany Jones is legally a man but identifies as a woman. Thanks to a pioneering New York City policy, she was able to go to a women’s shelter when she became homeless. Were she to go to a men’s shelter, she claims, “I’d be beaten up or raped.” (Marc Fader) jm scan 10

Wall of Dreams on Liberty Island, 2002. (Mitsuhiro Shoji)

Jerome Mosely 2

A year after losing a retail job, Jerome Mosley entered a job-training program for NYCHA residents. When we met him in 2011, he was making good money on a roofing project. (Marc Fader) jm scan 11

A shelter in Lenox Hill, January 1997. (Dietmar Liz-Leporiz)


Gathering water in the wake of Sandy, Coney Island, 2012. (Pearl Gabel)

jm scan 12

Ruins of a building near Crotona Park. (Andrew Lambertson)

People walk passed a mural near a high school in Bushwick, New York. Photo by J. Silberberg contact: 617-413-8659

A mural in Bushwick, 2009. (J. Silberberg) jm scan 13

Julia Boyd and Andre “Smootch” Boyd at ACORN headquarters, 2000. (Gregory P. Mango)

jm scan 14

Future Councilman John Liu protests the treatment of Wen Ho Lee, a scientist accused of leaking nuclear secrets.


Downtown Detroit, 2011 (Cybelle Codish) More

jm scan 15

Landon Wickham and Jamel fix bikes, 1996.

Hincapie for Show (2)

Johnny Hincapie, incarcerated for a role in an infamous murder, seen in Sing Sing prison in 2010. His conviction was later overturned. (Marc Fader) jm scan 16

A cross erected on a lamppost in Bedford Park, the Bronx. The crosses are still there.

Manhattan Sidebar Hi-Res 11

In an era when major bookselling chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble are struggling, independent Westsider Books—a narrow, split-level shop crammed floor to ceiling with used and rare volumes—somehow survives. (Marc Fader) jm scan 18

Martha Jones and Jeanette Zelhof of MFY Legal Services.



Frank A. Kotnick, Jr. president of the Glendale Civilian Patrol, gets a radio call while making his rounds one night in April. The Glendale group is one of several citizen anti-crime efforts that remain active. (Adi Talwar) corlandress pittman january 1993

Corlandress Pittman at the Willard J. Price Houses in 1992.


Derek Vincent Kelly, grandson of fallen firefighter Capt. Vincent Fowler, in 2011. (Marc Fader) salmond

Andrew Salmon, a general contractor who experienced unemployment in 2010, at the tail end of an economic downturn that saw historic spikes in black male job loss. (Colin Lenton) guns

Francena Brown of Springfield, Mass., lost her son to gun violence five years ago. (Marc Fader) Kelly Downing and Patrice Ward's 9th grade English class at Harlem Children's Zone.

At the Harlem Children’s Zone’s Promise Academy, 2010. (Alice Proujansky)  at Albion Correctional Facility. (Photo by Patrick Egan.)

Stacy Burnett plays with her son on the floor of the visitors’ room during a Mothers’ Day reunion at Albion Correctional Facility. (Patrick Egan) jing long protest

Organized by the upstart Chinese Staff and Workers’ Association, Jing Fong workers claimed the restaurant had been stealing tips and shorting workers on overtime. In 1997, then New York State attorney general Dennis Vacco sued Jing Fong for $1.5 million Portrait of Craig S. Crimmins made at the Shawangunk Correctional Facility on August 14, 2014. The portrait was made for William Hughes article on the parole system in New York State.

Craig Crimmins has applied for parole, and been denied, every two years since 2000 for a murder he committed in 1980. (Adi Talwar) lookback (2)

Mayor Edward I. Koch, Mr. T. and then-Department of Housing Preservation and Development commissioner Anthony Gliedman announcing the T-Force campaign to combat housing discrimination.


Graduation day, Bronx Community College, 2010. (Jarrett Murphy)

lookback old

Beach 44th Street in 1990 and, below, today. The area was undergoing change before Sandy. It accelerated afterward.

lookback new


A store on the corner of Lenox Avenue and 145th Street in what 1980 or so and again in 2012 (photo by Taleen Desdepanian). Since 1978, when real estate records indicate Mighty Jim Realty bought the property, more than the awning has changed. When Mighty Jim got the property, some $184,000 changed hands; in 2011 the assessed value of the building was more than $2 million. More
Look Back 701 Deli

Prison Issue for Slideshow-91

The guard tower at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, one of the New York women’s prisons with what federal surveys said were high levels of sexual misconduct involving officers and inmates. (Marc Fader) SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

A woman at the senior center in NYCHA’s Kingsborough Houses, 2009. (Jarrett Murphy) WEDNESDAY photo essay image 1

Players show the flaws in the synthetic field at Flushing Meadows Park, 2010. (Adi Talwar) More

Sensa and Elias

Sensa Alomar and Elias Rodriguez, at a homeless shelter in the Highbridge neighborhood in the Bronx in June 1985. Their daughter, Sensa, is in the crib. (George Cohen) More: (see last page).

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