Where are the (New) Worst Buildings in the City?

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For the ninth year, the city has named the buildings on its naughty list: the Alternative Enforcement Program. It’s a roster of properties that exhibit serious, multiple and chronic violations of the city’s housing code. Inclusion on the list allows the city to move forward with repairs without owner cooperation and to step up other enforcement tactics.

According to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, the 250 buildings on this year’s list have just shy of 32,000 open code violations on record, including more than 5,000 that are considered immediately hazardous to health. The buildings also collectively owe the city nearly a million dollars for emergency repairs and the city is in housing court against 138 of the properties.

Here’s where the new batch can be found. Click on each dot for the address:

One thought on “Where are the (New) Worst Buildings in the City?

  1. This is where the Deblasio administration is a failure on a daily basis. Worst landlords mean nothing to these people and legislators who have the worst buildings in their district like Assembly Member Keith Wright. Wright’s office has ignored all HPD inquires from constituents for years and as the head of the housing committee yougot to wonder how he morally lives with himself on a daily basis. But, continues to accept money from these landlords for his campaign.

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