2 thoughts on “CityViews:
City’s Composting Program is a Mandate in Search of a Plan

  1. We live in an attached house. Many years ago we put in a garbage disposal (grinder), but after it clogged up our pipes, we had it removed. There was a 90 degree angle that could not be changed. Without a gut renovation in a 100 year old house, a disposal is not workable. Also, some things cannot go into a disposal–pits, corn cobs and leaves, and what about all the water that is needed to flush the waste through the pipes? It’s not practical here.

    Already there are problems with collection. The DSNY workers pass by the brown containers and clearly marked alternative containers with yard waste.

    The small containers for the kitchen take up too much of our miniscule counter space. The recycling bags are expensive and easily break. After cleaning up too many broken bag messes, we gave up. Few people recycle food waste on our block.

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