2 thoughts on “In Mayor’s Fight Against Inequality, NYCHA Chair Faces Toughest Battle

  1. NYCHA and the new chairperson “Shola” have no intention to give housing to anyone who is low income or poor. The big push is still gentrification, as NYCHA housing is allowed to decay without a protest from “Shola.” In the Bronx with the rezoning plan for Jerome Avenue, it all came out at the
    Bronx Gentrification forum on Sunday. They want to destroy all the auto
    shops and machine tool businesses, and
    then they will not even have the money to build anything…. and if
    they did, 80/20 is a joke. Even the 20% have to make $69,000 a year. The
    speculators want their real estate because under Dodd-Frank banking
    law, the bail-in is when the depositors’ money is confiscated. We must have the new Glass Steagall Act a la Franklin Roosevelt of 1933 now, a bankruptcy
    reorganization protection of people and business. Otherwise we will
    have mass death, mass homelessness, a horror show. Larouchepac and http://www.larouchepac.com have been right. Otherwise even nice people like Shola turn into Nazi-type capos.

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