4 thoughts on “The Math Behind Bill de Blasio’s Affordable Housing Zoning Plan

  1. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. Much of this ‘affordable’ housing will deteriorate over time as properties change hands.

  2. Something that is never mentioned are protections to the surrounding available housing. All this luxury dev does is drive up the cost of the surrounding “affordable” market rate housing stock. Thus pushing everyone else out of the neighborhood eventually. Look at Greenpoint. Look at Williamsburg.

  3. a luxury unit is an apple, and an affordable granny micro-2 bedroom in someone’s garage in Queens is an orange. The prices of apple will only have the faintest of effects on the prices of oranges. That is point one. Point two is that the urbanity – the quality of light, air, iconic views, the very urban experience we all treasure as a public and civic good – depends on “optimal” density, not suburban single family home density, and not hyper-density of say, over 100/housing units per acre (approx). We are talking of something in between that produces livable, desirable urbanity. We need to change the policy discussion to talk about a range of optimal densities that produce cities people want to live in, not housing people endure while waiting for their economic circumstances to change.

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