6 thoughts on “How are NYC’s Community Boards Reacting to de Blasio’s Housing Proposals?

  1. I’m confused by this part of the process. Does every CB have to take a vote on this or just those CBs in which ‘affordable’ housing is proposed?

    • Every CB must deliberate and vote on the two citywide proposals (MIH and ZQA), regardless of whether a neighborhood-specific development project with affordable housing is being proposed by the city in the CB’s particular district.

  2. The Land Use Committee of Brooklyn Community Board 2 voted for MIH but against ZQA. The full board will vote on the matters on Tuesday, November 10 (6:00 pm,Brooklyn Law School, 250 Joralemon Street). native, the two text amendments are multifaceted and affect almost every community district in the city.

    • Thanks, but I must be in one of the CBs (Staten Island-2) not affected by it. Haven’t read anything about it in print or online. Most of SI-2 is zoned R3X or R3-1. I read the ZQA proposals a few months ago and emailed the city back in April asking if indeed R1, R2 and R3 residential areas were included, of course I never received a reply.

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