3 thoughts on “Sandy+3: NYC Not Pulling Back from the Water’s Edge

  1. I don’t have a problem with rich and working class families that are willing to assume the risk of being emotionally and financially wiped out due to coastal hurricane damage. As a taxpayer, however, I DO object to having to share any financial risk with those coastline people who are willfully ignorant of the inevitable climate catastrophe that awaits – far sooner than 2050.

  2. I have a REAL problem with developers looking to profit from projects in flood-prone areas, developers benefiting from all manner of economic incentives, including sweetheart financing for both the construction phase and marketing phases, who then sell their completed projects to families who will ultimately require extensive tax-funded support… let’s nip this in the bud!

  3. If, or when, everything melts, most of NYC will be below the waves, with only small bits, like Grimes Hill on Staten Island, Washington Heights, and the northern Bronx, sticking out of the sea. All of Long Island will be gone. And Grimes Hill, the tallest point on the East Coast north of North Carolina, will be an island miles off the coast.

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