4 thoughts on “Op-ed: Taxpayers Must Know how Much They Subsidize Low-Wage Companies

  1. Right now the New York State Department of Labors office need a complete overhaul. There is no workforce development, job creation and when you ask any data questions like Cuomo says he created 500,000 jobs, nobody in their offices know where those numbers came from.

  2. Remedy is simple. Abolish all corporate welfare. The US has spent 52 billion dollars on all social welfare programs combined in 2014 yet 92 billion dollars on corporate tax subsidies. http://thinkbynumbers.org/government-spending/corporate-welfare/corporate-welfare-statistics-vs-social-welfare-statistics/
    If a corporation or any company for that matter is unable to provide a living wage for able and willing employees to work 40 hours a week than it should NOT exist. Walmart is infamous for wage theft, people make excuses and bark ‘get a better job’ yet 99% of those individuals never bothered to watch the Walmart documentary which shows how Walmart has put mom and pop stores out of business becoming the only employer as well as retail store in areas all across the country. German Walmart employees are paid fair living wages, regulation forces Walmart to pay taxes to the government (not receive tax refunds) and they’re not permitted to operate at the expense of tax payers. Did I mention German Walmart employees are given benefits which Americans wish they had? Mandatory vacation time, maternal leave, 36 hour work week, mandatory sick days. Yet, why hasn’t Walmart ran screaming from Germany? It’s because Walmart STILL turns a sizable profit. German voters are clearly more educated and vote for their own self interest as well as the interest of their fellow countrymen/women.
    It would also help if American voters knew where their elected officials get their campaign contributions. Honestly, citizens united should had been abolished and never allowed to saturate the US government. There are currently 28 lobbyist per congressman/woman.
    Anyone who fails to see the correlation between citizens united and wage theft is clearly uneducated and not bright enough to make the connection. Americans have gotten what Americans deserved. A corrupted do nothing congress who goes to Washington just to get rich.

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