6 thoughts on “Rent Regulation Affects Tenants Outside New York City

  1. 18 million NYers are hurt by rent stabilization. It’s time we phase it out. We should protect the elderly and the disabled, but the 2 million stabilized tenants can pay market rate just like the rest of us.
    Any time a stabilized unit becomes vacant it should be market rate to the next renter.
    And, anyone who makes 3x the median rent can afford to pay market like the rest of us.

  2. The protections provided by rent stabilization – including the expectation of a lease renewal at a reasonable amount, and (therefore) the right to complain, the right to have family members already living there for 2 years stay in their homes if the main tenant leaves – should be extended to everyone. Instead of hurting 18 million tenants, let’s keep the 1 million current apartments (serving about 2.5 million tenants) affordable and build more (truly) affordable housing.

    • what you’re proposing is now illegal (wasn’t illegal 50 years ago).
      it’s a non-starter and since everyone can have a regulated rent – no one should. The system hurts me and I want it gone.

  3. I am a disabled owner of a small house in Brooklyn. I have to navigate
    stairs to my apartment on my butt, because under rent control laws I
    have no right to a ground floor apartment in my own house. That’s the truth about rent

    • you always have the right to pay off the tenant and move in the apartment or wait till they die or move…i do not feel sorry for you…..you bought the building with those covenants now tough it out….pay the tenant to leave…..stop being cheap.

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