4 thoughts on “Find Out Which Buildings are Getting 421-a Tax Breaks

  1. Great information. I would really like to know why all those buildings in North, South and East Williamsburg need a tax break. We have no money for adult learning? Stop the needless tax breaks. Williamsburg is a vibrant community, where gentrification is out of control and affordable housing is impossible to find.

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  3. In NYC I’m a broke and practically a homeless bum who is over educated and underemployed. But I was born in this rats nest which has intentionally designed difficulty. With in 60 miles in any direction I have the ability to purchase a whole city block but in this ratty city where I was born I can’t even get a place. The city council will continue to give developers land for free with 100 year leases with 25 year abatements which includes abatements for million dollar condos. For incomes above $30k where as the proverty line is $16K which many people believe it or not make less then $8500 a year. So that’s it. I’ve out grown this boring pair of dirty old worn out shoes called New York and I will head for the South West were people still say good morning instead of displaying Madison Avenue style idiotic gains of status. I’m caught between this nonsense living here. I’ve Been there done it. I’m finished, I’m out, You can all keep this Gilded Toilet.

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