One thought on “City’s Plan to Cut Literacy Funding is a Big Mistake

  1. WE NEED A WAR ON EBONICS! There is really only one way to end
    all this…its behavior and functional illiteracy that is the
    overwhelming problem..not race or politics.

    There was no white flight in schools, parents saw the next generation of kids on a jail track and not a college one, so they moved and guess what? so did blacks. If you apply for public assistance you must sit in class 15-20 hours a week and learn English and Math for your EBT card….your FB page must be in your own name…there was no Trayvon Martin FB page but there was a gangsta one, and you must respond in English not ghetto

    Let the prisoners decide how long they want to stay in jail… idea…its up to you…..all you need to do is read and discuss the New York Times in front of a parole board and ask for a second chance…that could take 5 or 50 years their choice……the problem is NOT racial
    discrimination, but severe functional illiteracy and we need to break the chains.

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