4 thoughts on “City Composting Effort Will Reduce Waste, But Needs Room

  1. Composting is great, and a very good way of creating jobs. See the recent report on composting jobs in MD for info: http://ilsr.org/paydirt/

    However, clean food scraps should not be mixed with sewage sludge! Sewage sludge is full of all sorts of household and industrial toxins, and it’s an awful idea to use it as fertilizer in gardens or on farms. For many years, NYC sludge has been dumped on a poor, Hispanic community on the Mexican border of Texas (in Sierra Blanca, by a mob-related company called Merco Joint Ventures). Much also was pelletized in a stinky operation by another sketchy company, Synagro, in the NYOFCO (NY Organic Fertilizer Company) plant in the Bronx, which thankfully closed after an explosion at the plant (which isn’t unusual for such facilities). Their pelletized sludge was being brought by train to Florida to be dumped in the citrus groves, so that our Florida orange juice could have toxins from NYC sewage sludge in it! Not sure where most of NYC sludge goes now, but dumping it anywhere but landfills has been unjust and unhealthy. Keep the food scraps separate, so they can be used for compost, without the toxic sludge mixed in, please!

    • Didn’t see any links to published reports; however, if what you contend is true and carting companies had been ruining the earth; its for the rest of us to ruin them first.

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