9 thoughts on “City Weighs Reining in Private Garbage Collectors

  1. The MTS on East 91st Street is wrong on many levels: It cannot claim to be “Grandfathered In” because it is not being built “In the Footsteps” of the old facility as the law states; it is costing 3x over budget & even more now that construction is being done on weekends; It will cost over 5x current cost to dispose of garbage; It is “Against the Law to Build This Type of Facility Closer Than 500′ From a Residential Community While “This One is 300′ From a Residential Community”; this neighborhood has one of the highest rate of asthma now & MTS will make it even higher; being built in Flood Zone A which was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy; it belongs in a commercial neighborhood; traffic & pollution from garbage trucks running 24/6 will prevent school buses, cars, & delivery trucks from driving on York Avenue; they continue to work on this facility although their NYSDEC permit expired over 6 months ago; and the list goes on!

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  3. sanitation workers at DSNY stat at 35,000 and private sanitation workers 50,to 65,000 this article is a bunch of B.S.

  4. This is not bs 50-60,000 is based on a 60+ hour work week and moving on average 25-30 tons nightly on a rearload and 8-9 boxes a night in a roll off since 2008 companies have been rolling back starting pay for drivers from 24$ to 16$
    And giving the poor economy excuse to people who dont know any better. Health benifits are terrible pentions have been broken and 401k contributions have all but stopped. So no its not BS its 100% true.

  5. This is not a safety issue only for the workers in these companies but also for everyone else, pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicle drivers, who share the road with the carters’ trucks that come flying through red lights and stop signs, zipping up the wrong side of the street, sitting in crosswalks and bus stops.

    Every worker should be fairly compensated and provided with a working environment that is safe. The article notes also that trucks aren’t maintained; think about that next time you see one of these garbage trucks heading towards you — he may not be able to stop even if he tries to.

  6. Why havent we tried this say UPS,FEDEX,DhL, or the other courriers? or say the bottling companies soft drink companies, Even the beer companies, the milk delivery companies. The produce/grocery companies quadruple the trash companies in NY. Why dont we just bid out all these types of route based industries that all criss criss eacother all day every day? Why are we targeting the wates industry? When will some of you people learn that by limiting who picks up commercial trash will cost you more in youre every day shopping eating etc… Why would everyday buissness owners allow the govt to chose who they must contract for commercial waste? So having less options is better? Recyling rates are less than 20% ? Who is doing the counting or investigating last I remeber most recyclables are recycled to keep the trash cost down!! We are going to allow a city council member with less than 4 years to completely overhaul an industry that has been in place and working? Last i seen people were stealing recyclables off the street to make extra cash!!

    • I can answer that. The choice of who the owner goes with is the smallest concearn as far as who picks up there trash. Where in fact the sales floor has been so underbid without regulation that in order to make money on the truck multiple laws have to be broken in order to complete routes. Owners of private sanitation companies have litteraly been forced to the point where they have to squeeze 400+ customer into 1 truck on certian routes to even make a profit. So where clearly “free market” has failed certian regulations must be placed into affect as soon as possble to help reduce the chaos that has surrounded this buisness. As far as the couriers you spoke of the imidate danger is already presenting itself in the private waste industry. That is why it is important to tackle this factor as quickly as possble.

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  8. Bidding the garbage routes is a great idea. These companies will have to follow the orders of the bid specs. The specs will stipulate what year the carters trucks will have to be or how much money each employee has to be paid and where all the garbage has to be disposed, so on and so fourth. And before anyone thinks It will cost more money to the customer, IT WILL NOT!!! There are several carters that will bid way lower than what there getting now. Its a proven fact on the bidding process. But! You will have to limit how manys areas or districts a carter can win in the bid. Reason being that will stop or at least control companies from bid rigging. Of course we no it will never stop the MAFIA from earning cause the private sanitation industry is one of the mobs biggest earners. So forget that but the bidding has always proven to work. If i were the city i would make the bids every 5 years with 5 1 yr extensions. Every carter is gonna want that extension so there gonna do the right thing to earn those extensions. There are so many things that can be controled with the bidding process therefore it makes for A GREAT IDEA!

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