4 thoughts on “City: We’re Stemming Flow of Foster-Care Kids Into Homelessness

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  2. When Foster children reach 18 they want to go home, it simply doesn’t work.
    People don’t change, it’s that simple. Kids think that there parents are waiting there with open arms and the reality is parents are divorced, in prison, or somewhere else that makes it difficult to take these kids back.
    Instead of a foster care system, we need a family system. You have a kid, you take care of them no matter what. If you don’t, your going to prison.

  3. Child protective services needs to be reformed. the feds pay the states every time a child is sent to foster care. Ninety percent of federal funding REQUIRES children be removed from their homes. The family court system is a kangaroo court where caseworkers lie and manufacture evidence. The perception is that children are removed for horrible abuse and sent to loving foster homes is far too often just not true. Foster care and adoption are BIG BUSINE$$.


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