6 thoughts on “Hartford-to-Harlem Charter School Faces Critics Back Home

  1. Perry’s figures are of course, misleading. He’s all about merchandizing himself, not educating kids. His “100%” grad rate is the result of recruiting, very HIGH attrition rate, counseling out those who will lower his supposedly great stats, which as the article points out, aren’t really what Perry says they are, then selecting students to fill the emptied slots by studetns who are most likely to be successful. (Ask yourself how Capital Prep has built the successful athlete teams it has; he’s already been warned officially about his illegal recruiting practices, so now he’s more careful.) Of those left in the school as of senior grad day, he will bargain with colleges to take students who are not accepted otherwise. Why doesn’t some genuine investigative reporter follow up to see how many of his freshman students actually DO stay and end up attending college, THEN (IMPORTANT) see how many of them are able to keep up in college and attain degrees. (Hint: You will have a good story that any editor would be excited to publish.) There’s a lot to be discovered is only someone peels back the curtain. Perry belongs at the table of shame that’s used in his school to humiliate students who break his ridiculous rules.

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  5. Just like Geoffrey Canada, their tactics was to target people and families who appearances are familiar with theirs. Only to profit from many, while squeezing out the few that don’t meet their prefect set up or agenda; making sure the hedge funders don’t back down on the money mill deal with these kids and families for investor profit.
    What he does in his school is done in NYC. The same individuals learn same marketing, tactics and ideas to stay in business of investing in the poor to provide (for their profit) (marketed as a community benefit) a service for the few selected. A true service will be when the unknown becomes exposed by a justified source.

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