4 thoughts on “Few Safeguards Against Abuse by Homeless Shelter Guards

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  2. I’m in a domestic violence shelter and I’m being harassed by the guards that’s suppose to make sure I’m safe and at peace smh but that’s definitely not the case and the more I report situations that has happened or is happening to the two head person in charge the worse things get for me and my children once they leave for the day or weekend. I just feel like I’m in a building full of snakes there’s no justice and I’m never gonna be at peace or safe this is overwhelming.

  3. On April 2nd 2018 I was assaulted by dhs police officer badge #133 and then a couple of days later I was threatened by the same officer after I reported the both incidents I was transferred too three different shelters and then I was finerly assign a bed after waiting for hours to get one when there should of had one for me if I was transferred there hours ago and at the new shelter I was sent too I was threatened by a dhs police sergeant barren badge 805 I don’t feel safe at all at the shelter I’ve been placed in all because I reported what’s been happening to me

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