Photo by: City & State

It wasn’t quite “Advise & Consent” or “The Manchurian Candidate,” but New York’s 2013 mayoral campaign was a political thriller in its own right, what with a federal investigation of one candidate’s fundraising, a sex scandal involving another hopeful, a pioneering gay woman’s campaign mercilessly targeted by horse-rights activists and a come-from-behind primary victory fueled by progressive ideas.

At City Limits and City & State we had a particular view of this fascinating race, which our reporters saw from a deli on the Upper West Side, a residential block in Bayside, a Mott Haven eatery, a bar in Tottenville and a public housing development in Brownsville.

Starting in February, we sent reporters to those places week after week to conduct the Five Borough Ballot–an effort to get a deep understanding of how New Yorkers outside the media-political bubble saw the campaign. What issues mattered to them? What stories resonated? Was the race helping them feel more or less connected to the larger city?

The results were fascinating, and they’re all here in this iPad-readable e-book, which you can download as soon as you cobble together 99 cents.

Unlike presidential races, New York City political campaigns rarely get books written about them, but the 2013 deserves to be remembered by political junkies and regular citizens alike. Click here to have something on your iPad to remember it by.