John F. Kennedy High School is one of five schools sharing a West Bronx campus.

Photo by: Jarrett Murphy

John F. Kennedy High School is one of five schools sharing a West Bronx campus.

The city’s school department on Monday and Tuesday announced that it plans to close 26 schools, some of which were part of a similar attempt last year that was blocked by a state judge.

The DOE issued fact sheets on the closure of each school (you can read them below). The high schools slated for phase-out posed an average graduation rate of 49 percent last year, 14 points below the citywide average. The elementary and middle schools posted passing rates on state math and English exams that were less than half the citywide average.

The schools come from a list of 55 troubled schools that the city Department of Education identified earlier this fall. Schools from the list that aren’t tabbed for immediate closure or phase-out (which means the school stops taking new students but remains open long enough for all current students to pass through) will be targeted for a turnaround strategy.

Such a strategy might include firing the principal and replacing many teachers. In a statement, the DOE said it hoped for cooperation from unions to permit such salvage strategies to go forward.

The department’s school closure policy has come under fire. In July, Public Advocate Bill deBlasio issued a report contending that DOE had inadequately communicated with parents about crucial school-closing and co-location decisions. Last March a state judge blocked the DOE from closing 19 schools, arguing that the department had not followed appropriate procedures.

Of the 25 traditional public schools covered by the week’s announcements, announced Monday, two are K-8, four are elementary schools, six are middle schools and 14 are secondary or high schools. Four are in Queens, five are in Manhattan, six are in Brooklyn and 10 are in the Bronx.

In addition, a 26th school—Ross Global Academy Charter School—will not have its charter renewed.

These links are to dossiers on each school slated for closure:

Metropolitan Corporate Academy High School

Norman Thomas High School

Paul Robeson High School in Brooklyn

Performance Conservatory High School in the Bronx

Metropolitan Corporate Academy High School

Monroe Academy of Business/Law

Jamaica High School

Global Enterprise High School

PS 102 (Bronx)

PS 332 (Brooklyn)

Frederick Douglass Academy III

Academy of Collaborative Education

IS 195 (Manhattan)

PS 114 (Brooklyn)

Columbus High School

Urban Academy For History And Citizenship For Young Men

Kappa II School

MS 571 (Brooklyn)

PS 260 (Brooklyn)

Beach Channel High School

Academy for Environmental Science

PS 30 (Queens)

IS 231 (Queens)

John F. Kennedy High School

New Day Academy

School For Community Research and Learning