FYI: Parents and teachers from around Queens, home to some of the city’s most crowded yet best performing schools, crammed a forum hosted by Rep. Anthony Weiner this week, voicing an undercurrent of concern building among parents of children at some of the city’s best-performing schools, according to a Times-Ledger report. Chancellor Joel Klein sent a letter to parents this week reminding them of new federal rules forcing the city to allow students in failing schools to transfer to high-performing ones. The Queens parents said they fear this provision will lead to further crowding of their best schools; the borough’s schools are already the most crowded in the city, according to the education department, with its high schools operating at 117 percent of capacity. Weiner, who was critical of the law but nevertheless voted for it, explained that the federal regulations explicitly state that capacity is not reason to exempt a school from accepting transfers. [3/7/03]