FYI: Housing Works, an HIV/AIDS housing services and advocacy group, has reported that New York State AIDS Drug Assistance Program clients will receive letters this week informing them of new cost cutting initiatives in the program, which subsidizes treatment for uninsured people living with the virus who do not qualify for Medicaid. The letters are expected to announce that clients must use generic equivalents any time they are available; they foreshadow more drastic measures if predicted funding shortages arise. Housing Works also reports that Senator Hillary Clinton will likely lead a push during the federal budgeting process to drum up more funds for the ADAP program nationally, which is also facing dire budget problems. Neither the state health department nor Senator Clinton’s office could immediately confirm the reports this morning. Look for Jill Grossman’s in depth examination of the New York ADAP program’s uncertain future in the February issue of City Limits, on the stands soon. [1/15/03]