Crossing The Line

The streets of Fort Greene have a lot going for them: elegant brownstones, shady trees, hip cafes and zealous police patrols. An aggressive cop crackdown on parolees and project-dwellers now divides the neighborhood into two halves: the suspected and the protected.

The Courage Of His Conviction

At 39, Colin Warner has spent more than half his life in jail–without committing a crime. But after 21 years of mistaken incarceration, justice may be almost as elusive as it was the first time around.

Second Chance Encounter

Kids who steal and deal don’t just go to juvey jail–they’re also likely to return to prison soon after they’re released.Now, bucking get-tough wisdom, New York State is trying to pave a permanent path home.

War of the Activists

Facing a conflict that began unlike any in recent history–with a massive attack on U.S. soil–the priorities and goals of the peace movement have been conflicted and tense.

A Lead on Lead

Tenants in one- and two-family homes in New York City now have a better chance of holding their landlords accountable when their children suffer from lead poisoning, thanks to an October decision by the New York State Court of Appeals.

Cop In

A political opponent claims former police officer and newly-elected City Councilmember James Davis circumvented campaign finance restrictions with his nonprofit, Stop the Violence.