Flipping Out

In September, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development made a move to end this “flipping,” by proposing new rules withholding federal mortgage guarantees from properties that have recently been resold.

Universal Benefits

In early October, the city settled a two-year legal battle in Manhattan’s federal court, agreeing to provide translation and interpretation services at all of its 21 food stamp offices.

Class Mobility

New Jersey’s school building boom brings educational opportunity–to young people trying to break into construction.

Crumble in the Bronx

Before Freddy, there was another force behind the South Bronx’s rebirth: community group Banana Kelly. Now, after a management meltdown, the group will have to save itself–and make peace with the people who were once its partners in progress.

The Big Idea: Hedge City

Just recently, there was a growing consensus that a healthy city economy included outer-borough development. On September 11, that idea suddenly became grounds for ridicule.