Welfare mothers have a hard time finding child care for their kids when they get a workfare slot–the mayor’s new plan to add homeless families to the program is fraught with even more problems.

Signs of the Times

If Flushing’s multilingual collage of signs appeals to you, take a Polaroid–along with Goldfingers and dairy farms, it could soon be a relic of Queens past.

Ungodly Rent

In mid-September, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim religious leaders got together to issue a declaration that housing should be considered a “sacred right.”

Losing BID

Merchants in Brownsville are paying extra taxes to get a better business climate. So far, though, all they’re getting is promises from the Business Improvement District they fund.

No-Buy Zone

Brooklyn tenant organizers hope that where rent laws can’t protect tenants, embarrassing their landlords may succeed. With old-fashioned pressure tactics, they’re fighting evictions in the streets.