Times Square Arts Presents Peter Burr’s Pattern Language

Everyday in May from 11:57 PM- Midnight
Built in a video game engine by a master of computer animation, Pattern Language is a rhythmic, pointillist composition in richly patterned black and white. Employing cellular automata and crowd-simulation algorithms, Burr creates a fantastical vision of non-binary human life in a labyrinthine, underground “Dirtscraper.”

Afraid of Crime Now? Join The Kids

Times Square. In its colorful and danger-filled heyday of the 1970s and ’80s, porn shops, drug pushers, prostitutes and pistol-toting stickup men were the price of admission. But the venue has been a tourist-friendly commercial strip for some 15 years. In early April, for few minutes, that changed.On Easter night, a series of brawls and violent confrontations broke out in Times Square and nearby Herald Square among roaming bands of youths, reportedly resulting in the shooting of three women and one man, whose ages ranged from 18 to 21. A 20-year-old Bronx man was arrested in two of the shootings.