Moving Day

Realizing that rent regulations aren’t enough to prevent evictions in the city’s newest hot spots, activists look for fresh strategies.

Smoke-Filled Rooms

Advocates for affordable housing thought they had a deal to reform the city’s Byzantine building code. Then fearful firemen refused to budge-all because of a stairwell.

Death of a Radical Boss

Ernesto Jofre made the journey from Allende’s Chile to New York labor leader, and everyone from greengrocer workers to progressive politicos have him to thank for their livelihoods. Will the Lower East Side ever be the same?


Manhattan’s Chinatown is home to two well-known contenders to be the City Council’s first Asian-American rep. But the smart money is betting on Flushing’s John Liu to actually get the seat.

Closed Books

It’s no secret that New York’s librarians are underpaid. But when four libraries shut down on the same Saturday, Bronx kids learned why low salaries hurt more than just librarians.