Opinion: New York Must Build Up Its Green Workforce as Offshore Wind Expands

‘The offshore wind industry is poised to create more than 10,000 jobs in New York. That number is only growing as federal, state and local investments fuel the expansion of the sector in the tri-state region and across the country. At this major inflection point, it is critical that New York lays the foundation for an equitable economic transition.’

Opinion: The Problem Facing NY’s Construction Industry Isn’t Labor Shortage

‘The accusation that the labor shortage is to blame for non-accredited programs’ plummeting recruitment numbers is just smoke and mirrors. Such programs pose as accredited apprenticeships that strive to combat the “labor shortage” by connecting hopeful workers to seemingly stable career pathways and safe jobs. But this is far from reality.’

42nd Street and 6th Avenues in Manhattan.

Opinion: Addressing New York’s Systemic Inequities Will Be Core to its COVID Recovery

‘We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past, where recoveries after the Great Recession, the Sept. 11 attacks, and the early 90s recession exacerbated systemic inequities rather than addressing them. And the people to determine a new direction cannot be the same people who benefit the most from the status quo.’