Dream Off?

For six years, residents of the Bronx’s Beekman Houses got the royal runaround on a visionary plan to control their own homes. With HUD’s top brass departing, is Beekman’s dream about to be deferred for good?

Metropolitan Operatives

Thanks to term limits, scads of city offices will be up for grabs this fall–but that doesn’t mean your favorite neighborhood progressive candidate is a shoo-in. Three political kingmakers give wannabe contenders some pointers. City Limits gets the 411 from Martin Brennan, Kevin Finnegan and Micah Lasher.


With little money and little connection to political fundraising, residents in New York City’s poor neighborhoods barely register in a survey of campaign contributions.


Eight decrepit apartments in East Harlem are back in the hands of the federal housing department after the landlord gave up control. The feds would like to tear them down, but the tenants are desperately working to fix them instead.

Hire Education

For years, vocational education was the school system’s detention room. New attention to academic standards is changing that–but preparing students for work has dropped by the wayside.