Can We Can Go On?

Just as the city’s new recycling laws start to work against them, some homeless New Yorkers may soon lose another resource: We Can, a unique nonprofit recycling depot in Hell’s Kitchen, is slated to lose its home this week as the city makes way for a mixed-income housing development

Rumble in the Bronx Over Legal Services

Under orders from Washington, Legal Services of New York is moving to take more control of its neighborhood law offices, but one of those offices, in the Bronx, refuses to play along and is taking its main funder to court to stop it.

City Calls Group Second Banana

A few weeks after Banana Kelly tried to regain control of its long troubled buildings, the city has given the infamous Bronx-based community group a month to pay off its debt, or face losing its properties.

Doe Fund Ready to Run New Brooklyn Shelter

The homeless services group known for putting its clients to work plans to begin construction on a controversial shelter in Williamsburg immediately, putting the city one giant step closer to closing its central men’s shelter in Manhattan.

He’s Back, Too?

The Rent Guidelines Board will go into its first vote of the season on Tuesday short one of two tenant representatives, but the mayor’s office is considering filling the open spot with a housing attorney who was known for ruffling Giuliani’s feathers in the late 1990s, and could shift the outcome of the final guidelines vote in June.