Opinion: NYC Communities of Color Face Increased Eviction Filings, Displacement Risk, and Soaring Unaffordable Rents 

ANHD’s 2022 Housing Risk Chart highlights the compounding pressures, and risks, to affordable housing in dozens of neighborhoods. Indicators of speculation, gentrification, and displacement pressure are distributed throughout the city and show the necessity of tenant and homeowner counseling and support programs that defend affordability in every neighborhood.

42nd Street and 6th Avenues in Manhattan.

Opinion: Addressing New York’s Systemic Inequities Will Be Core to its COVID Recovery

‘We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past, where recoveries after the Great Recession, the Sept. 11 attacks, and the early 90s recession exacerbated systemic inequities rather than addressing them. And the people to determine a new direction cannot be the same people who benefit the most from the status quo.’