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Hunger-Striking ICE Detainees Sue Over Conditions at NY’s Orange County Jail

According to ICE’s detention management tool, 55 immigrants are detained at the upstate New York jail. Nahum Ortiz, one of the plaintiffs, says ICE is only renting one of the jail’s wings. “The ICE wing shouldn’t be treating us the same way as criminals. We’re not waiting for our sentencing, but we get the same treatment.”

April 5, 2023

Community Change-Makers: The New Yorkers Combating Climate Crisis, Hunger

Meet activists from across the five boroughs, from oyster keepers in The Bronx to environmental justice advocates in Brooklyn, interviewed by student reporters enrolled in the City Limits Accountability Reporting Initiative for Youth.

December 7, 2021

Opinion: As College Classes Resume, New York Must Invest in Ending Student Hunger

‘College campus food pantries have short hours of operation, lack physical space, and regularly run out of food. Already strained, many have been stretched to a breaking point under the current explosion of student hunger.’

August 30, 2021

Opinion: Why I Joined the Hunger Strike to Fund NY’s Excluded Workers

‘With my savings gone and just working one day a week, I’m standing in food pantry lines for hours just to get enough to eat. I have to constantly borrow money because I am afraid that if I do not pay my rent, I could lose my home. Each day I worry, how will I ever be able to pay back the money I owe?’

March 31, 2021

COVID-19’s Unrelenting Impact on Hunger in New York City

A top nutrition advocate says the pandemic exacerbated a significant hunger crisis in the city. And a year later, it is still exacerbating it—although the federal stimulus package will deliver help.

March 18, 2021

Opinion: NYC Has Distributed 200 Million Pandemic Meals–But There’s More to do to Fight Hunger

‘Crossing this milestone is bittersweet – a mark of what the government and civic sector can accomplish…but also a sad reminder that too many people were hungry before this crisis exacerbated the situation, and too many are still hungry today.’

February 13, 2021

Opinion: NYC Faces a Hunger and Homelessness Crisis. Here’s How to Help.

‘I know hunger is not new. But over the last six months in the New York City metro area it has become worse and there are easy ways that those of us with more than we need can move from awareness to action.’

November 17, 2020

Same Old Crisis: In Bushwick, Hunger and Joblessness Hold Steady in a Bad Place

From local pols to community leaders, volunteers to residents, no one believes things are getting much better in the neighborhood now, months into the pandemic.

November 11, 2020

Opinion: Restaurants and Grocers Can Ease NYC’s Hunger Crisis

‘New York City need not look far to increase food resources for those in need: it should incentivize grocers and restaurants to donate excess prepared food that would otherwise go to waste.’

September 28, 2020

Six Months Into Pandemic, NYC’s Hunger Crisis is ‘Getting Even Worse,’ Advocates Say

One food pantry says it’s seen the number families seeking help at its doors jump from 200 a week to nearly 6,500.

September 13, 2020