One thought on “East Side Resiliency Plan Faces Key Hearing

  1. To say all or even many East River Alliance members support the East Side Coastal Resiliency plan is inaccurate. Many many deeply oppose the plan that completely closes and destroys the park for years, does not employ best practices for flood control–which would involve a resilient coastal park that could be flooded with berms protecting the neighborhood, and a city agency that has provided an insanely unrealistic timeline for completion and reopening. During the construction process, there will be no flood protection, not even temporary barriers.

    The organization has supported changes to the ESCR, but the city is not responding with any real change. Many of us in the nearby neighborhoods have no faith in the ESCR or that the city will make modifications. It’s time to dump this plan and revisit the plan the community actually liked and that was approved.

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