Has That Much Really Changed for de Blasio in Albany?

On Election Night 20 years ago, I managed to sneak with a group of other fresh-faced College Democrats into the ballroom at the Sheraton to witness the end of Mario Cuomo’s political career and the nationwide Republican revolution. Last night, a younger Cuomo coasted to victory amid another broad Republican wave, which swept into the state Senate as well. If I’ve learned one thing in the past two decades, it’s that a light blue double-breasted blazer does not make you look like a sophisticated political insider. If I’ve learned another thing, it is that the morning of the day after an election is a common time to think a beautiful new day has dawned—remember the dancing in the streets after Election Day 2008?—or that a nightmare has descended upon us. The afternoon of the day after an election, however, is a good time to take a step back and, if you’re a progressive, wrap yourself in this cold comfort: It’s not that much worse than it already was.