Carnage on Fordham Road; Three Injured in Crash

The driver of this car kept driving after crashing twice on Fordham Road (Photo: D. Greene)By David GreeneOn Saturday evening, witnesses said a car (pictured) traveling west on E. Fordham Road side-swiped another vehicle. When attempting to flee that crash scene, the driver slammed into the back of a taxi near Creston Avenue. Despite the heavy damage the vehicle sustained, witnesses say the driver continued toward Jerome Avenue, where an unidentified pedestrian was also hit. The crash remains under investigation. Less than three months ago, a woman was killed by a taxi that had crashed into the front of a department store on Fordham Road, near Bainbridge Avenue.

Bronx Crime Watch: Still Waiting on Neighborhood Crime Stats

This may seem redundant, but we believe that redundancy will one day bear fruit, otherwise known as invaluable neighborhood crime statistics that our Bronx communities deserve.Until then, we’re still tallying the days until the NYPD releases neighborhood sector crime stats, which we requested from them via a Freedom of Information Law request last year. The Village Voice covered our campaign recently; read the story here.

Bronx News Roundup, Monday, July 18

Welcome back to the program, ladies and gentlemen. To the Bronx news! Weather: Hot, with a high around 93 and rain possible after 4 p.m. Higher chance of rain and thunderstorms overnight. The rest of the week is expected to be similarly blazing, without as much possibility for rain. Story of the Day: Bronx Students to Help Build School in MaliThis summer, students at the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, which has a heavy focus on community service, are exporting their manpower and $74,000 to build a school in the West African country of Mali.