Bronx News Roundup, May 3

Weather: Party cloudy today with temperatures in the mid 60’s. Thunderstorms in the forecast for this evening.Quick Hits:A gallery in Paris opened an exhibit this week featuring the work of Bronx graffiti artist Richard Mirando, better known as Seen, or the “Godfather of Graffiti.” Click here to read an interview with Mirando.Musical groups Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax announced that they will be performing a concert on Sept. 14th at Yankee Stadium. Tickets for the show go on sale this Friday at 10a.m. through Ticketmaster.A funeral was held yesterday for Wang Jianhua, the last service for the 15 passengers of the tour bus that crashed in the Bronx seven weeks ago. The funeral was delayed while his widow tried to obtain a visa in China.A baby zebra named “Terri” made her public debut today at the Bronx Zoo.

The Enforcement Of New York's Prison Sex Law

DOCS says that misunderstandings about pat-frisks might explain some of the sexual misconduct allegations its inmates have made against guards. Some evidence suggests, however, that the problems in New York’s female prisons are deeper than that.