Your Bronxites of the Year!

We posted this last week, but seeing as there will probably be no further posting today we thought we’d once again unveil, in the spirit of MLK Day, your choices for Bronxites of the Year – those who give, and have given, so much to their communities without much recognition or glory. This is a new feature and something we’ll probably do every year. Enjoy!A few weeks ago, as 2010 came to a close, we asked our readers to submit their choices for Bronxite of the Year-taking a cue from Time Magazine and its annual person of the year. We asked you to nominate a member of your community who you thought made a difference this year, who’s been a force for good, and who’s gone above and beyond.To be clear, this isn’t a contest, but more of a way to showcase a number of individuals who served the borough with distinction in 2010. We didn’t pick a winner-we’re posting them all below.So here they are-your picks for Bronxite of the Year.Meg Charlop at the Tour de Bronx in 2000 (Norwood News file photo)Zach Charlop-Powers nominated his mother, Meg Charlop, a long-time Norwood resident and veteran public health advocate who worked at Montefiore for more than 25 years in the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, and most recently as director for community health in the School Health Program.