Bronx News Roundup, Aug. 24

This week, NY1 is taking readers and viewers back in time with a series called “Once Upon a Time in the Bronx.” Yesterday, the station had this piece about the history of Parkchester. Today, there’s this piece about Fashion Moda, a one-time gallery and performance space on Third Avenue. A woman wanted for a murder in Connecticut

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Bedford Park Seniors Test New Voting Machines

A woman at the Bedford Park Multi Service Center feeds her test ballot into a new scanning machine, which the Board of Elections will use for the first time this year (Photo by Jeanmarie Evelly)Voters hitting the polls in state elections this fall won’t have any levers to pull this time. The State Board of Elections has traded in the old machines for a new voting system, debuting in New York on Sept. 14 during the Democratic primary. The Bedford Park Multi Service Center for Seniors hosted a demonstration this morning to teach seniors how to use the new machines. Voters are given new paper ballots to fill in by hand, using a pen and coloring in a bubble for the candidate of their choice, much like a high school standardized test.