Landmarks Omission

African-Americans have been making history in New York for centuries, but you’d never know it from the roster of city landmarks and historic districts. A beauty-biased landmarks commission is to blame, but so are some community leaders.

Yonkers Race Trap

After years of haggling, housing desegregation is finally a done deal in New York City’s unofficial sixth borough. Five years after 200 poor families moved out of the projects and into white neighborhoods, the fight is over. Real integration, though, hasn’t even begun.

Force Out

Since state Republicans defunded the City-Wide Task Force this spring, the hand maidens of Housing Court have been fighting just to stay alive.

Stuck in Lodi

The teenagers of Lodi, New Jersey thought they had heard enough about the fatal factory explosion that killed five people in their town. Then they interviewed Jim Gannon.

No Power of Attorney

Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Legal Services chapter has high-paid managers and a $1.4 million budget, but until recently it had zero staff attorneys. How one of New York’s poorest communities is struggling with substandard legal representation.

Gunning for Gus

By representing pro-democracy union dissidents, lawyer Arthur Schwartz is doing well while doing good. Can he finally unseat untouchable maintenance union boss Gus Bevona?

Loco 3369

The leaders of the Social Security workers union are so busy plotting against each other, it’s a wonder anyone gets their retirement checks.

Trial Size

A new youth court is being under-utilized and depriving teenagers of alternative justice.