Bad Air Days

A team of New York City doctors has found that the main culprits for asthma-related visits to the city’s emergency room are soot, smog and auto emissions.

Wedge City

Sure, the landlord lobby loves Republicans. But wait till you hear their plan to turn New York City’s Democratic legislators into pawns in the rent-regulation endgame.

Schoolhouse Block

A small public academy dedicated to racial harmony and social justice was set to open in Crown Heights–before a last gasp of school board politics put it in jeopardy.

Demolition Derby

Rudy Giuliani begged the Clinton administration to fulfill a $48 million promise to the New York City Housing Authority. HUD agreed, but there were strings attached–wrecking balls, actually. Now, Rockaway tenants are trying to block the destruction of precious apartments.

Independents' Day

Who says overcrowded public schools are the only option for black kids? Increasingly, poor and working-class African American parents are sending their kids to Afrocentric private academies that have taken the idea of “community control” more to heart than the educational bureaucracy ever did.

A “Cure” for the Homeless

New York has moved from battleship-sized homeless shelters to a network of privately-run, smaller treatment programs. But is the get-well-or get-out philosophy really a solution?