East New York

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By a 45-1 vote, the New York City Council in April approved a rezoning of a 190-block area of East New York and a 15-block area of neighboring Ocean Hill.



President as Planner: Will Trump Reverse Obama’s ‘Sustainable’ Approach?

President Obama’s Sustainable Communities Initiative never generated the heat that Obamacare or the Paris climate accords did. But they’ve had a real impact and passionate enemies, and now experts wonder if the Donald Trump will change course.

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Celebrating Housing Milestone, Mayor Addresses Deep Concerns About Rezonings

The de Blasio administration moved to answer concerns that rezonings, no mater how carefully constructed, can exacerbate displacement pressures in low-income neighborhoods.

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Will Rezoning Cause or Resist Displacement? Data Paints an Incomplete Picture

Some community groups fear that rezonings will force low-income residents out. City Hall says rezonings are needed to prevent further loss of affordability. Amid a lack of clear evidence, any risks of the de Blasio rezonings will be borne primarily by low-income communities of color.

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De Blasio Admin. Opens Door to Community Land Trusts

Responding to advocates who believe the trusts can ensure that today’s public investments deliver long-term affordability, HPD is seeking expressions of interest from non-profit groups.

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