You Can Help Our Reporters
Go Beyond the Ballot

Adi Talwar

People running for office usually get plenty of time to explain themselves: their ideas, associations, good works and bad deeds. But voters like you–who, after all, are what elections are really about—don’t get that chance. Sure, you wield great power at the ballot box. But you don’t get to explain your vote.

Did you support Candidate X over Candidate Y just to send a message to Y? Did you support Party A because of that slick TV commercial or because Party B’s robocalls offended you? Did that issue the media fixated on motivate you, or were you inspired by a different topic that got little attention? Did you not vote because you have written democracy off … or because you are hopeful that, if enough folks stay home, the system will have to change?

As the state’s September 13 primary approaches, City Limits is using the new SMS-based engagement platform GroundSource to try to give voters a deeper role in shaping how we cover this election year and its results. We want to hear from you about what you think matters, what you pay attention to, how you approach the privilege/duty of voting and more. Your input will shape our reporting and analysis and could be featured on our website.

It’s simple to get started and it won’t take very long. Simply text “choice” to (646) 916-3930 and we’ll start listening.