2018 Ring Masters Championships: Road to the Garden


City Limits was proud to be a media sponsor of this amateur event.

Thursday, March 1
Yonkers PAL

152-pound (welterweight) novice male

  • Zachary Blumberg from Freeport PAL defeated Muhammad Saeed from Rustams Boxing Club as the referee stopped the bout in the second round.
  • Abdraimov Arat, boxing unattached, defeated Cristian Calderon from Woodside Boxing Club in a split decision.
  • Wilson Valencia from Morris Park Boxing defeated Joshua Wilson from Atlas Cops N Kids in a split decision.
  • Patrick Gough from Green Fitness defeated Hansel Gonzalez from John’s Gym in a unanimous decision.
  • Richard Daunt from Fitness Fitness Boxing Club defeated Salvatore Pomilla from Champs Boxing club in a unanimous decision.
  • Jayson Capetillo of Brotherhood Boxing defeated Jason Castanon from Sweatbox Boxing in a unanimous decision.
  • Davaughn Stevens from John’s Gym defeated Bryant Kim from the New York Athletic Club in a unanimous decision.
  • Kevin Anderson from Gleason’s Gym defeated Jeffrey Barreau in a split decision.
  • Lloyd Rosario from Starrett City Boxing Club defeated Karem Elnokrashy from Mendez Boxing in a unanimous decision.
  • David Moore from Freeport Pal defeated Damion Nelson from Lou Benson’s Elmcor Boxing in a unanimous decision.

Friday, March 2
Church Street Boxing

132-pound (lightweight) novice male

  • Desean McCain from Lou Benson’s Elmcor Boxing defeated Nestor Velez from Ardon’s Sweet Science Boxing Club by unanimous decision.
  • Taquee McDaniel from Eastern Queens Boxing club defeated Michael Feldman from Extreme Fight Club by unanimous decision.
  • Brandon Pena from Atlas Cops N Kids defeated Gerald Alvarado, who boxed unattached, as the referee stopped the bout.
  • Kelvin Renoso, boxing for John’s Gym, defeated Elijah Brown from Brotherhood Boxing in a split decision.
  • Arique Hayes from Green Fitness Boxing Club defeated Algenis Amparo from Ardon Sweet Science in a unanimous decision.
  • Ronny Reyes, boxing for Morris Park Boxing Club, defeated Wagner Morales from John’s Gym in a bout stopped by the referee.
  • Musa Cham from Morris Park Boxing Club defeated Chanel Delacruz from El Maestro Boxing in a unanimous decision.

141-pound (light welterweight) novice male

  • Julius Wallace from KO Boxing Club defeated Alex Marshall, boxing for Main Street Boxing Club, in a unanimous decision.

Thursday, March 8
Main Street Boxing

178-pound (light heavyweight) novice male

  • Joshua Peters (Gym X) defeated Abe Ahmed (Atlantic Veterans Memorial BC) – UD
  • Enyel Salas (Mendez BC) defeated Max Newman (Mendez BC) – RSC, 2 nd Round
  • Robert Davies (New York Athletic Club) defeated Sukhman Janjua (Unattached) – SD
  • Kingsley Sarfo-Kantanka (John’s Gym) defeated DaVaughn Moorer (Morris Park BC) – UD
  • Tom Dedivani (Champs BC) defeated Paul Alsbrooks (Freeport PAL) – UD
  • Alassane Cisse (John’s Gym) defeated Luis Maietta (Morris Park BC) – UD
  • Alexander Lombard (Champs BC) defeated Ciaran Drumm (Lou Benson’s Elmcor) – RSC, 1 st Round
  • Edwing Lachapelle (New Bed Stuy BC) defeated Zach McDonald (Main Street BC) – UD

    Friday, March 9
    Work Train Fight in Manhattan

    165-pound (middleweight) novice male

    • Rolando Rowe (Unattached) defeated Fred Frasier (Gold Folks BC) – SD
    • Joseph Lascaibar (Champs BC) defeated Rich Rodriguez (Unattached) – UD
    • Yaya Ba (Mendez BC) defeated Emmanuel White (John’s Gym) – SD
    • Jallot Abdoulaye (Starrett City BC) defeated Ulysse Princivil (Unattached) – 2 nd Round KO
    • Famous Wilson (Suffolk PAL) defeated Frederick Su (Mendez BC) – SD
    • Hosam Abdeldayem (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Joshua Suarez (Church Street BC) – RSC, 3 rd Round
    • John McDonough (Woodside BC) defeated Dimitrue Petrovic (Mendez BC) – UD
    • Dennis Burgos (New Bed Stuy BC) defeated Pablo Rodriguez (Unattached) – SD

      Wednesday March 14
      Ring 8-Plattdeutsche

      141-pound (light welterweight) novice male

      • Julius Wallace (Royals BC) defeated Elvis Castro (Church Street BC) by walkover
      • Marlon White (Starrett City BC) defeated Rudolph Hackett (Brotherhood BC) – UD
      • Elmar Yaubov (Underground BC) defeated Adel Lakrouf (Underground BC) – SD
      • Alex Alvarez (John’s Gym) defeated Abdul Wahab (Gleason’s Gym) by walkover
      • Fabrice Michel (Kayo BC) defeated Khamal Dunkley (Freeport PAL) – SD
      • Daniel Bobe (Pacplex BC) defeated Saul de los Sasntos (Brotherhood BC) – RSC, 2nd Round

      132-pound (lightweight) open male

      • Aridis Duran (John’s Gym) defeated Jose Lopez (Lou Benson’s Elmcor) – UD
      • Carlos Vanegas (Champs BC) defeated Quentin Gonzalez (Eastern Queens BC) – UD
      • Daniil Platonovschi (Atlast Cops & Kids) Anthony Lopez (Unattached)– RSC, 3rd Round

      Friday March 16

      152-pound (welterweight) novice male

      • Zachary Blumberg (Freeport PAL) defeated Armando Barbier (John’s Gym) – SD
      • Charles Bush (Starrett City BC) defeated Abfraimov Arat (Unattached) by a walkover
      • Patrick Gough (Green Fitness Studio) defeated Wilson Valencia (Morris Park BC) – UD
      • Richard Daunt (Finest Fitness BC) defeated Diego Iglesias (Unattached) – UD
      • Jayson Capetillo (Brotherhood BC) defeated Anthony Santorelli (Yonkers PAL) – RSC, 3rd Round
      • Devaughn Stevens (John’s Gym) defeated Kevin Anderson (Gleason’s Gym) – UD
      • Lloyd Rosario (Starrett City BC) defeated Andrew Soto (Gym X) by walkover
      • David Moore (Freeport PAL) defeated Ashley Longchamp (Unattached) – SD

      132-pound (lightweight) open male

      • Jonibek Khotamov (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated James Belizaire (Eye of the Tiger BC) – UD
      • Ahmad Demes (Ardon Sweet Science) defeated Vidal Hernandez (Ardon Sweet Science) – UD

      Thursday, March 22
      New York Athletic Club

      152-pound (welterweight):

      • Arnold Gonzalez (Everybody Fights) defeated Emmanuel Ledesma (John’s Gym) – UD
      • Francisco Frometa (Unattached) defeated Ludovic Arrata (Universal BC) – UD
      • Alex Vargas (Finest Fitness) defeated Jose Davila (El Maestro BC) – UD
      • Cristian Cangelosi (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Joseph Consiglio (Westbury BC) – UD
      • Michael Calvin (Royals BC) defeated Steven Mitchell (Starrett City BC) – ABD, 2nd Round
      • Reshat Mati (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Angel Cotto (Mt. Vernon BC) – UD
      • Dezmond Lucas (John’s Gym) defeated Lee Iglesias (Gym X) – UD
      • Dzhonibek Nazriev (Mendez BC) defeated Michael Hughes (Church Street BC) – SD

      Friday, March 23
      Yonkers PAL

      141-pound (light welterweight) open female quarterfinals

      • Sarah Thomas (Unattached) defeated Morgan Kendall (Unattached) – SD
      • Christella Cepeda (Yonkers YMCA) defeated Deborah Spoto (PacPlex BC) – RSC, 1st Round
      • Macarena Soto (Freeport PAL) defeated Conaugh Cutler (Mendez BC) – UD
      • Alexis Morant (Mendez BC) defeated Ericka Gordon (Church Street BC) – UD

      178-pound (light heavyweight) open male quarterfinals

      • Afunwa King (El Maestro BC) defeated Kevin Lubin (Suffolk PAL) – by walkover
      • Matthew Klingerman (John’s Gym) defeated Anton Levin (Green Fitness) – ABD, 3rd Round
      • Joseph Negron (Mendez BC) defeated Jay Torres (Woodside BC) – UD
      • Kristian Shytani (Morris Park BC) defeated Joel Allen (Atlas Cops & Kids) – UD

      119-pound (bantamweight) open female quarterfinals

      • Imam James (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Laura Lunch (Overthrow) – UD

      123-pound (featherweight) novice male quarterfinals

      • Laurence Bautista (Yonkers PAL) defeated Al Azeem Asheer (Green Fitness) – UD
      • Isaias Deaza (John’s Gym) defeated Angel Mendez (Starrett City BC) – RSC, 1st Round
      • Justice Bland (PacPlex BC) defeated Brett O’Connor (Two Champs BC) – UD
      • Andrew Bueno (Eastern Queens BC) defeated Frank Morganti (Gleason’s Gym) – UD

      Saturday, March 24
      Gleason’s Gym

      178-pound (light heavyweight) novice male

      • Edwing Lachapelle (New Bed Stuy BC) defeated Yovan Pena (Gym X) – UD
      • Curl Aitcheson (Main Street BC) defeated Enyel Salas (Mendez BC) – UD
      • Joel Telles (Sweatbox BC) defeated Robert Davies (NYAC BC) – by walkover
      • Fabio Guzman (Brotherhood BC) defeated Kingsley Sarfo-Kantanka (John’s Gym) – UD
      • Nicholas Daperis (PacPlex BC) defeated Joshua Peters (Gym X) – RSC, 1st Round

      201-pound (heavyweight) novice male:

      • George Kantzian (Unattached) defeated Christian Moran (Westbury BC) – RSC, 2nd Round
      • Jermaine Webb (Starrett City BC) defeated Nicholas Perdomo (Westbury BC) – by walkover
      • Anthony Bulluck (Unattached) defeated Patrick O’Rourke (South Box) – RSC, 1st Round
      • Calvin Belgrave (Starrett City BC) defeated Robert Francis (Main Street BC) – SD

      201+-pound (super heavyweight) novice male

      • Jeremiah Gurley (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Abraham Dickey III (Unattached) – RSC, 1st Round
      • Pryce Taylor (Atlas Cops & Kids BC) defeated Francisco Paulino (Eastern Queens BC) – UD

      Thursday, March 29

      John’s Gym

      132-pound (lightweight) novice male

      • Christopher Shei (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Desean McCain (Lou Benson’s Elmcor BC) – UD
      • Taquee McDaniel (Eastern Queens BC) defeated Brandon Pena (Atlas Cops & Kids) – SD
      • Kelvin Reynoso (John’s Gym) defeated Arques Hayes (Green Fitness BC) – SD
      • Ronny Reyes (Morris Park BC) defeated Musa Cham (Morris Park BC) – UD

      141-pound (light welterweight) novice male

      • Marlon White (Starrett City BC) defeated Julius Wallace (Royals BC) – RSC, 2nd Round
      • Adel Kalrouf (Underground Boxing) defeated Alex Alvarez (John’s Gym) – UD
      • Sonam Tsering (Green Fitness) defeated Jensey Diaz (Brotherhood BC) – UD
      • Saul de Los Santos (Brotherhood BC) defeated Fabrice Michel (Kayo BC) – RSC, 2nd Round

      165-pound (middleweight) novice male

      • Rolando Rowe (Unattached) defeated Joseph Mejia (Ardon Sweet Science) – UD
      • Malik Ridley (Champs BC) defeated Joseph Lascaibar (Champs BC) – UD
      • Marco Cruz (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Yaya Ba (Mendez BC) – UD
      • Jallot Abdoulaye (Starrett City BC) defeated Reese Mistretta (Freeport PAL) – WO
      • Famous Wilson (Suffolk County PAL) defeated Ephraim Mondesir (Gleason’s Gym) – SD
      • Hosam Abdeldayem (Gleason’s Gym)defeated George Rosario (Brotherhood BC) – RSC, 3rd Round
      • John McDonagh (Woodside Boxing Academy) defeated Avelino Cuautle (Green Fitness Studio) – RSC, 3rd Round
      • Dennis Burgos (New Bed-Stuy BC) defeated Giovanni Daley (Ardon Sweet Science) – SD

      Friday, March 30
      International Boxing

      125-pound (featherweight) female

      • Nyasha Goodluck (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Olivia Bledschmidt (Church Street BC) – SD in a quarterfinal bout
      • Megan Owen (SouthBox) defeated Kathia Coronado (John’s Gym) – UD in a semifinal bout

      132-pound (lightweight) female

      • Jennifer Lopez (Mendez BC) defeated Jillian Bliss (Mendez BC) – SD in a semifinal bout

      152-pound (welterweight) novice male

      • Zachary Blumberg (Freeport PAL) defeated Charles Bush (Starrett City BC) – RSC, 3rd Round
      • Patrick Gough (Green Fitness) defeated Richard Daunt (Finest Fitness BC) – UD
      • Jayson Capetillo (Brotherhood BC) defeated Davaughns Stevens (John’s Gym) – SD
      • David Moore (Freeport PAL) defeated Lloyd Rosario (Starrett City BC) – RSC, 2nd Round

      178-pound (light heavyweight) open male

      • Afunwa King (El Maestro) defeated Matthew Klingerman (John’s Gym) – RSC, 3rd Round in a semifinal bout
      • Kristian Shytani (Morris Park BC) defeated Joseph Negron (Mendez BC) – UD in a semifinal bout

      Saturday, March 31
      International Boxing

      123-pound (featherweight) open male:

      • Dominique Crower (NYAC Boxing) defeated Aridis Duran (John’s Gym) – UD in a semifinal bout
      • Daniil Platonovschi (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Carlos Vanegas (Champs BC) – UD in a semifinal bout

      141-pound (light welterweight) open male

      • Ryan Lopez (Starrett City BC) defeated Dashaun Johns (John’s Gym) – SD
      • Ofacio Falcon (John’s Gym) defeated Raymond Cuadrado (Brotherhood BC) – UD
      • Christian Otero (SouthBox) defeated Elvis Gonzalez (SouthBox) – UD
      • Christian Coakley (Floyd Patterson BC) defeated Wester Santiago (SouthBox) – SD

      165-pound (middleweight) open male

      • Aaron Katzman (West Point BC) defeated PapaMamadou Ndiaye (Church Street BC) – UD
      • Michael Passade (John’s Gym) defeated Isaah Flaherty (Westbury BC) – RSC, 1st Round
      • Brett Pastore (Animals MMA) defeated Liubomir Ozhovych (Underground Boxing) – SD
      • Christopher Cunningham (Woodside BC) defeated Gary Griffin (Aerospace) – UD

      Wednesday, April 4
      Church Street Boxing

    141-pound Novice male (semifinals):

    • Adel Lakrouf (Underground Boxing) defeated Marlon White (Starrett City BC) – WO
    • Saul de los Santos (Brotherhood BC) defeated Sonam Tsering (Green Fitness) – UD

    165-pound Novice male (quarterfinals):

    • Malik Ridley (Champs BC) defeated Rolando Rowe (Unattached) – UD
    • Marco Cruz (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Jallot Abdoulaye (Starrett City BC) – UD
    • Hosam Abdeldayem (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Famous Wilson (Suffolk County PAL) – WO
    • John McDonagh (Woodside Boxing Academy) defeated Dennis Burgos (New Bed-Stuy BC) – UD

    201-pound Novice male (quarterfinals):

    • Thomas Boatswain (SouthBox) defeated George Kantzian (Unattached) – RSC, 1st Round
    • Orville Crooks (Mendez BC) defeated Jermaine Webb (Starrett City BC) – UD
    • Anthony Bulluck (Heavy Hitters BC) defeated Daniel Eguche (Everybody Fights) – UD

    112-pound Female (semifinal):

    • Emil Colon (Glen Cove BC) defeated Kristina Mondyk (NYAC) – SD

    201-pound Open male (semifinal):

    • Gergo Savoly (Underground Boxing) defeated Hector Lopez (Atlas Cops & Kids) – UD

    201+-pound Open male (semifinal):

    • Jeremiah Gurley (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Ronald Nicholson (Unattached) – WO

      Thursday, April 5
      NYPD hosted at Roller Jam USA, Staten Island

    132-pound Open male (semifinals):

    • Jonibek Khotamov(Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Victor Martinez (SouthBox) – SD
    • Brandon Brown (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Ahmad Demes (Ardon Sweet Science) – UD

    152-pound Open male (quarterfinals):

    • Arnold Gonzalez (Everybody Fights) defeated Francisco Frometa (Bronxchester BC) – SD
    • Alex Vargas (Finest Fitness) defeated Cristian Cangelosi (Unattached) – SD
    • Reshat Mati (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Michael Calvin (Royals BC) – SD
    • Dzhonibek Nazriev (Mendez BC) defeated Dezmond Lucas (John’s Gym) – SD

    165-pound Open male (quarterfinals):

    • Aaron Katzman (West Point) defeated Adrian Frometa (Bronxchester BC) – UD
    • Nikita Ababiy (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Michael Passade (John’s Gym) – UD
    • Jimmy Baldwin (Morris Park BC) defeated Brett Pastore (Animals MMA) – WO
    • Christopher Cunningham (Woodside BC) defeated Jahvel Joseph (John’s Gym) – SD

    141-pound Female (semifinals):

      • Sarah Thomas (Unattached) defeated Christella Cepeda (YMCA of Yonkers) – UD
      • Macarena Soto (Freeport PAL) defeated Alexis Morant (Mendez BC) – UD

    Friday, April 6
    Main Street Boxing, Mt. Vernon

123-pound Novice male (semifinals):

  • Laurence Bautista (Yonkers PAL) defeated Isaias Deaza (John’s Gym) – SD
  • Justice Bland (PacPlex) defeated Andrew Bueno (Eastern Queens BC) – UD

132-pound Novice male (semifinals):

  • Taquee McDaniel (Eastern Queens BC) defeated Christopher Shei (Gleason’s Gym) – UD
  • Kelvin Reynoso (John’s Gym) defeated Ronny Reyes (Morris Park BC) – SD

178-pound Novice male (quarterfinals):

  • Edwing Lachapelle (New Bed-Stuy BC) defeated Tom Dedivani (Champs BC) – WO
  • Joel Telles (Sweatbox BC) defeated Curl Aitcheson (Main Street BC) – SD
  • Fabio Guzman (Brotherhood BC) defeated Alassane Cisse (John’s Gym) – UD
  • Nicholas Daperis (PacPlex) defeated Alexander Lombard (Champs BC) – RSC, 1st Round

141-pound Open male (quarterfinals):

  • Steven Galeano (John’s Gym) defeated Ryan Lopez (Starrett City BC) – SD
  • Randy Heidanus (Morris Park BC) defeated Ofacio Falcon (John’s Gym) – SD
  • Brandon Idrogo (Unattached) defeated Christian Otero (SouthBox) – UD
  • Deyshawn Williams (Eastern Queens BC) defeated Christian Coakley (Floyd Patterson BC) – UD

201+-pound Open male (semifinals):

  • Michael Cserenyi (Royals BC) defeated Ty-mari Sarvis (Newburgh BC) – UD
  • Nkosi Solomon (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Conja Nathan (Mt. Vernon BC) – UD

106-pound Female (semifinals):

  • Sabrina Slattery (SweatBox) defeated Teichmarie Lopez (Atlas Cops & Kids) – RSC, 2nd round
  • Juliette Ladisa (Champs BC) defeated Pamela Baker (Mendez BC) – UD

Saturday, April 7
Finest Fitness, Patchogue

Junior Olympic results:

    • Bantam: Adrian Parker (YMCA of Yonkers) defeated Christopher Ruiz (Floyd Patterson BC) – SD

Junior: Jahi Tucker (Unattached) defeated Larry Villarreal (John’s Gym) – UD

Junior: Miguel Mendez (John’s Gym) defeated Christopher Rivera (Gleason’s Gym) – SD

Youth results:

  • Matthew DeLucia (Veterans Memorial BC) defeated Nicholas Sanchez (South Box BC) – UD
  • Elvis Cardenas (Champs BC) defeated Davit Nozadze (Bars BC) – RSC, 2nd Round
  • Elijah Allison (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Justin Travieso (Gleason’s Gym) – SD
  • Arban Iseni (Bars BC) defeated Alex Truta (International Boxing) – UD
  • Ralph Clemente (Veteran’s Memorial BC) defeated Matthew Castro (Universal BC) – RSC, 2nd Round

Female results:

  • 112-pound: Lina Vezzani-Katano (Church Street BC) defeated Emily Colon (Glen Cove BC) – UD
  • 112-pound: Kathreen Sterling (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Lisa West (Atlas Cops & Kids) – UD
  • 125-pound: Nyisha Goodluck (Gleason’s Gym) defeated Trudy Li (SweatBox) – SD

Senior results:

  • 201-pound: Calvin Belgrave (Starrett City BC) defeated Thomas Boatswain (South Box BC) – UD
  • 201-pound: Orville Crooks (Mendez BC) defeated Anthony Bullock (Unattached) – UD

Masters results include:

  • 178-pound: Victor Antonucci (Champs BC) defeated George Kayumov (Bars BC) – UD

April 12, 2018
Plattdeutsche Restaurant in Franklin Square
178-pound (light heavyweight) novice male

  • 119-pound (bantamweight) Female:
    • Gabriella Gulfin (Gleason’s Athletic Club) defeated Michelle Viglione (Unattached) – SD

    141-pound (light welterweight) Open male:

    • Steven Galeano (John’s Gym) defeated Ofacio Falcon (John’s Gym) – UD
    • Deyshawn Williams (Eastern Queens BC) defeated Brandon Idrogo (Unattached) – UD

    152-pound ( welterweight) Novice male:

    • Zachary Blumberg (Freeport PAL) defeated Patrick Gough (Green Fitness) – UD
    • David Moore (Freeport PAL) defeated Jayson Capetillo (Brotherhood BC) – UD

    152-pound ( welterweight) Open male:

    • Alex Vargas (Finest Fitness) defeated Arnold Gonzalez (Everybody Fights) – UD
    • Reshat Mati (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Dzhonibek Nazriev (Mendez BC) – UD

    165-pound (middleweight) Novice male:

    • Marco Cruz (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Malik Ridley (Champs BC) – UD
    • John McDonagh (Woodside Boxing Academy) defeated Hosam Abdeldayem (Gleason’s Athletic Club) – SD

    165-pound (middleweight) Open male:

    • Nikita Ababiy (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Aaron Katzman (West Point) – UD
    • Brett Pastore (Animals MMA) defeated Christopher Cunningham (Woodside BC) – UD

    178-pound (light heavyweight) Novice male:

    • Edwing Lachapelle (New Bed-Stuy BC) defeated Joel Telles (Sweatbox) – UD
    • Fabio Guzman (Brotherhood BC) defeated Nicholas Daperis (PacPlex BC) – UD

    201-pound (heavyweight) male:

    • Gergo Savoly (Underground BC) defeated Osaze Matthews (Eastern Queens BC) – RSC, 2nd Round
    • Matthew Tinker (NYAC BC) defeated Emmanuel Etienne (Westbury BC) – UD

    April 20, 2018
    Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

    106-pound Open Female: Juliette Ladisa (Champs BC) defeated Sabrina Slattery (Sweatbox BC) by unanimous decision.
    112-pound Open Female: Kathreen Sterling (Gleason’s) defeated Lina Vezzani-Katano (Church Street) by unanimous decision.
    114-pound Open Male: Andy Dominguez (Mendez BC) defeated Gerardo Vazquez (Atlas Cops & Kids) by split decision.
    119-pound Open Female: Iman James (Gleason’s) defeated Gabriella Gulfin (Gleason’s) by unanimous decision.
    123-pound Novice Male: Lawrence Bautista (Yonkers PAL) defeated Justice Bland (Pacplex) by disqualification
    123-pound Open Male: Dominique Crowder (NYAC) defeated Daniil Platonovschi (Atlas Cops & Kids) by unanimous decision.
    125-pound Open Female: Nyisha Goodluck (Gleason’s) defeated Meagan Owen (Southbox BC) by unanimous decision.
    132-pound Novice Male: Ronny Reyes (Morris Park Boxing Club) defeated Taqee McDaniel (Eastern Queens BC) by unanimous decision.
    132-pound Open Female: Jennifer Lopez (Freeport PAL) defeated Gvantsa Pantsulaia (Unattached) by split decision.
    132-pound Open Male: Brandon Browne (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Jonibek Khotamov (Atlas Cops & Kids) by unanimous decision.
    141-pound Novice Male: Saul De Los Santos (Brotherhood Boxing Club) defeated Adel Lakrouf (Underground Boxing Gym) by unanimous decision.
    141-pound Open Female: Sarah Thomas defeated Macarena Soto (Goldfolks) by unanimous decision.
    141-pound Open Male: Steven Galeano (John’s Gym) defeated Deyshawn Williams (Eastern Queens BC) by unanimous decision.
    152-pound Novice Male: David Moore (Freeport PAL ) defeated Zachary Blumberg (Freeport PAL ) by unanimous decision.
    152-pound Open Male: Reshat Mati (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Alex Vargas (Finest Fitness) by split decision.
    165-pound Novice Male: John McDonagh (Woodside Boxing Academy) defeated Marco Cruz (Atlas Cops & Kids) by split decision.
    165-pound Open Female: Leah Cooper walkover
    165-pound Open Male: Nikita Ababiy (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Brett Pastore (Animals MMA) by unanimous decision.
    178-pound Novice Male: Fabio Guzman (Brotherhood Boxing Club) defeated Edwing Lachapelle (New Bed-Stuy Boxing Club ) by split decision.
    178-pound Open Female: Krystal Dixon (Champs BC) walkover
    178-pound Open Male: Afunwa King (el Maestro) defeated Kristiani Shytani (Morris Park) by unanimous decision.
    201-pound Novice Male: Orville Crooks (Mendez Boxing ) defeated Calvin Belgrave (Starrett City BC) by unanimous decision.
    201-pound Open Male: Gergo Savoly (Underground) defeated Matthew Tinker (NYAC) by unanimous decision.
    201+pound Master Male: Jonathan Troncoso (Main St) defeated Richard Adamson II (Champ’s Fight Club) by the referee stopping the contest.
    201+pound Novice Male: Pryce Taylor (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Jeremiah Gurley (Gleason’s) by unanimous decision.

    201+pound Open Male: Nkosi Solomon (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeated Michael Cserenyi (Royals BC) by unanimous decision.

    RSC=Referee Stops Contest
    SD=Split Decision
    UD=Unanimous Decision
    BC=Boxing Club