The fall 2020 participants of the City Limits Accountability Reporting Initiative for Youth.

Since the fall of 2014, City Limits has operated a paid training program for high-school and college-aged students who learn and apply the skills of investigative journalism as they report on issues affecting their own neighborhoods. Here is our team for the fall of 2020:

Mashrafi Ahmed is a senior at Manhattan Center For Science & Mathematics from the Bronx. When he’s not voraciously reading and researching, he can be found in a park playing soccer or hiking upstate. He spends his time exploring politics, history, sociology, and economics. Growing up in The Bronx has made Mashrafi especially interested in the representation of minorities in government and media, which led to his work with organizations such as the New-York Historical Society to represent marginalized communities in museums and curriculums. Mashrafi hopes to study history & political science with an eventual career in law.  

Aima Ali is a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. A Brooklyn resident, Aima lives with her two younger siblings and enjoys spending her free time reading or exploring the city. She is the co-editor in chief of her school’s student newspaper and is involved in the social activist community. She hopes to major in political science in college.

Anyimel Carpio is passionate about helping people and believes journalism can help her do that. This internship is her first experience in journalism. She was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States when she was six years old. She has made New York her second home. She wants to help empower her community and give them all the tools they need to defend themselves.

Andrea Hidalgo is a first-generation college student who grew up in a working-class Ecuadorian family and came of age during gentrified New York City, which is where her passion for social justice, the arts, and media comes from. She is a recent graduate from the Borough of Manhattan Community College and is an incoming transfer student at NYU School of Professional Studies, where she will major in sociology with a focus in urban studies. She currently works as an assistant editor and producer at It’s a New Day, a morning show at WBAI 99.5, where she does research, writes and edits scripts and develops show content. She is an experienced grassroots fundraiser and community organizer as she has previously interned for the War Resisters League, an antimilitarist nonprofit. When she’s not working or studying, Andrea is nose deep in a science fiction book or watching her favorite anime.

Mariam Hydara worked on her school newspaper throughout high school as a writer and senior co-editor, writing about topics such as school sports, school shootings, COVID-19-related conditions and the economy. She became an ambassador for the school paper and was invited to a journalism in schools conference with the mayor, followed by a briefing. She also has been a Media Fellow for NBCUniversal. Mariam is enrolled at Boston University’s College of General Studies and eventually plans to major in journalism at their College of Communications. She was born and raised in the Bronx and has always been eager about using her positive and extroverted nature to share information and be a reliable source.

Meriam Ikhibi is a junior at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria and a Class of 2026 Fellow at The Opportunity Network. She is involved in many school clubs including student government, the track team, and the Muslim Student Association. Her brief work with her school’s newspaper, The TYWLS Phoenix, opened her eyes to the world of journalism and writing, she hopes to gain more knowledge of current events and how to eloquently write about them in this internship. She takes pride in being part of Riley’s Way Foundation and the Step Up Women’s Network where she gets to work alongside her peers to raise awareness on social injustices. Meriam spends the majority of her free time reading as many books as she can and watching her favorite films. 

Kujegy Kamara’s passion for writing began after she had a hard time identifying who she was and what culture she belonged to, being that she is the first child of immigrant parents from the Gambia, and an African American Muslim female in the Bronx. She devotes her time to looking into the lack of healthcare given to minorities and has volunteered at nursing homes and hospitals such as NYU Langone. Kujegy currently resides in the South Bronx and enjoys watching surgical videos.

Eve Neumann is a student journalist from Brooklyn. She is currently a junior at Edward R. Murrow High school, and she loves to write, read, and play the piano. Eve works for her school newspaper, The Murrow Network, and has participated in previous journalism programs, such as the CUNY First Take program for High School Journalists,and the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. She hopes to continue with journalism for the rest of her time in high school and eventually as a career.

Chelsey Nkrumah is a senior who attends Bronx Health Sciences High School and is a Class of 2025 Opportunity Network Fellow. She currently has a passion for public health and plans to pursue a career as a health researcher to help address the health disparities that happen amongst people of color and other minority groups such as the LGBTQ+ community. When Chelsey is not in school, she is at swimming practice or is volunteering at her local nursing home during the summer. During her free time, Chelsey loves to watch commentary channels on Youtube and learn how to improve her knitting skills.

Kevin Tang is a seventeen-year-old senior attending Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. He has been a part of his school’s policy debate team and enjoys volunteering and community service, recently volunteering to package PPE to be given out to people who need it. He has also been involved in local politics and interned for State Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou’s re-election campaign. He lives in Central Harlem with his family and is the eldest of two sons. In his free time, he likes taking pictures of sunsets and eating out with his friends.