City for Sale

Tenants and city officials are teaming up to fight the feds’ mass auctions of subsidized housing. But can they compete with speculators seeking the real estate bargain of the decade?

The Stealth War

All may be quiet on the rent laws front, but right behind the silence the forces hoping to end rent regulation lie waiting. How this spring’s lack of rent rancor may spell doom for tenants.

Squatters' Rites

The activists, laborers and hippies who’ve made abandoned buildings into viable homes were the scourge of City Hall. Now Loisaida’s last outlaws have become government-sponsored homeowners.

Tower Wreckers

Jane Jacobs would approve: replace decrepit high-rise buildings with a cozy mix of homes. But for tenants of Brownsville’s Prospect Plaza, the new public housing is leaving behind the residents of the old.

The Last Resort

Although single room occupancy hotels and their residents have long been part of the Rockaway Park landscape, local homeowners and renters have enlisted the city’s help to push them out.

Does it Give a BAM?

The Brooklyn Academy of Music wants to turn its surroundings into an artistic mecca. Yet Fort Greene already is a cultural capital–one with many ideas of what that means.