City Begins Gowanus Canal Cleanup

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection reached its first milestone in its efforts to clean up the Gowanus Canal Monday, when it shut down for repairs the 100-year-old tunnel designed to aerate and deodorize the smelly, polluted waterway.

Taking Attendance In Bloomberg Bid To Cut Truancy

In the wake of Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement earlier this month that his office had launched a citywide campaign to combat chronic school absenteeism and truancy, some parents and education advocates are waiting to learn details of the city’s plan.The task force driving the initiative doesn’t contain parents, religious leaders or other grassroots community members, noted Victoria Bousquet, a parent leader with Coalition for Educational Justice.”At what point do you intend to involve the community?” she asked during an interview with City Limits. “Is it going to be once the horse is out of the barn? Are you going to have any town hall meetings? How are these decisions going to be made?”She and others said they fear the initiative might rely too heavily on interventions that are punitive, such as arresting students and launching child welfare investigations that could ultimately lead to the termination of parental rights.