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Opinion: NYC’s Buildings and Streets Fail to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change

“The city is still tinkering with designs that started to seem old more than a decade ago. We’re moving too slowly (while our cars still go too fast).”

May 17, 2022

Opinion: Congestion Pricing is Just One Step Toward Reclaiming City Streets

The consensus is growing that we want fewer cars, especially in Manhattan, and more places where it’s comfortable to walk and bike. Against that stands multibillion-dollar ride-hailing companies, the AV industry and the modern manifestation of ‘Organized Motordom.’

June 3, 2019

To Stop Pedestrian Deaths NYC Must Change How it Builds Streets

Vision Zero is edging us closer to a pedestrian-safe city. But New York won’t get anywhere near that goal until we reverse decades of street design intended to make the world work for cars, not people.

December 22, 2015