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Opinion: DA Bragg’s Well-Intentioned Reforms Have Little Impact While Racist Policing Persists

‘Of the 33 cases we at PROP have seen this year, none entailing a serious charge, 30 involved New Yorkers of color—unsurprising since 90 percent of the more than 7,000 cases we have observed since beginning the Court Monitoring Project in 2014 also involved New Yorkers of color.’

February 7, 2022

City Watch: Manhattan DA to Crackdown on ‘Systemic’ Tenant Harassment, Deed Theft

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made good on his campaign pledge to create an investigative unit tasked with cracking down on landlords who harass tenants, developers that cheat government subsidy programs and speculators who swipe deeds from small property owners.

October 17, 2022

Manhattan DA Launches Application Process to Root Out Wrongful Convictions

Those convicted of a crime prosecuted by the Manhattan District Attorney can apply to have their closed case reviewed by the new Post-Conviction Justice Unit (PCJU), what reform-minded DA Alvin Bragg called a “significant priority” for his office. “If you’ve committed the wrong person, there’s someone else out there who’s still doing harm.”

April 20, 2022

Manhattan DA Candidate Pitches Crackdown on Wage Theft

Alvin Bragg says prosecutors need to use criminal laws and surveillance techniques—and be willing to put employers behind bars.

December 17, 2020

Opinion: New Yorkers Lose When District Attorneys Go Unchallenged

“The district attorney decides who to charge with crimes, what crimes to charge, what length of sentence to seek, and what, if any, alternatives to incarceration they will offer. Despite their influence and the ever-expanding role ‘public safety’ occupies in the public discourse, these incumbents rarely face a serious challenger on Election Day.”

November 7, 2023

Opinion: Protecting New Yorkers From the Injustice of Wrongful Convictions

“Collectively, we spent 69 years in prison for crimes we did not commit. We are now outside of prison because we were granted clemency and parole, respectively, but having yet to be exonerated, in many ways we are still not free.”

August 21, 2023

Mourners React to Manslaughter Charge in Jordan Neely’s Death

Reactions to the news were subdued in City Hall Park Thursday, where the organization VOCAL-NY had gathered to mourn not only Neely, who had been unhoused, but the at least 815 other unhoused New Yorkers who, according to city data, died in the year ending last July. 

May 11, 2023

Subway Killing Sparks Public Outcry Over Treatment of Homeless New Yorkers

Protestors crowded the F train station Wednesday in response to the chokehold death of Jordan Neely, chanting “Housing, not cops,” and “Homeless lives matter” alongside repeated calls for justice.

May 3, 2023

Opinion: Trump’s Indictment Doesn’t Redeem Our Flawed Criminal Legal System

“The harsh reality is that, despite the possibility that a rich and powerful man may now be in for his just deserts, our criminal legal system is daily marked by widespread unfairness and a stark racial bias.”

April 24, 2023

El largo camino hacia la justicia para las víctimas del robo de salarios en Nueva York

 Más de tres años después de que 15 trabajadoras de una lavandería presentaran su primera denuncia ante Letitia James, la fiscal general de Nueva York, las empleadas -todas ellas mujeres inmigrantes latinas- recibieron por fin los primeros cheques de los salarios que se les debían. El caso es emblemático de lo que puede ser un largo camino hacia la justicia para las víctimas del robo de salarios, que los legisladores estiman impacta a unos 2,1 millones de neoyorquinos cada año.

March 1, 2023