Updated brackets for each weight division:
123-pound Novice Men
132-pound Novice Men
141-pound Novice Men
152-pound Novice Men
165-pound Novice Men
178-pound Novice Men
201-pound Novice Men
201+-pound Novice Men

(Brackets are not posted until at least one bout has occurred in that division.)


Click on the date below for the results from that show. More information and the schedule of bouts are here.

Thursday, February 7
Friday, February 8
Saturday, February 9
Friday, February 15
Saturday, February 16
Thursday, February 21
Friday, February 22
Sunday, February 24
Friday, March 1
Saturday, March 2
Friday, March 8
Saturday, March 9
Saturday, March 16
Thursday, March 21
Friday, March 22
Saturday, March 23
Friday, March 29
Saturday, March 30
Friday, April 19: Finals

Thursday, February 7
91-12 144th Place, Jamaica

Sonya Lamonakis

123-pound Novice Men
Asheer Al Azeem (Green Fitness Studio) def. Gil Gilmore (John’s Boxing Gym)
Andrew Bueno (Eastern Queens BC) def. Terrence Mobrum (Unattached)
Frankie Garcia (Brotherhood BC) def. James Chan (Morris Park)
Ramon Rivera (NewBurgh Hook Inc Elite Boxing) def. Michael Paula (Gleason Athletic Club)

132-pound Novice Men
Dennis Guerrero (Unattached) def. Elhadj Diallo (Gym X Boxing )
Lorenzo Madera (Mendez Boxing) def. Elijah Brown (Brotherhood BC)
Christopher Shea (Gleason Athletic Club) def. Omar Montesinos (Breathing Boxing)
Musa Cham (Morris Park BC) def. Jacinto Hernandez (Champs Boxing Club)
Boberson Casseus (NYC Cops & Kids BC) def. Desean McCain (Elmcor Lou Benson’s)
Corey Jamison (The Academy of Boxing) def. Tahir Khan (Morris Park BC)
Jose Coiscou (NYC Cops & Kids BC) def. Willie Parker (Unattached)
Robin Ellis (Slick Sluggers Boxing) def. Adrian Kennedy (Undergroung Boxing Gym)

141-pound Novice Men
Elvis Cardenas (Champs BC) def. Arique Hays (Gym X Boxing)
Jaishawn Barrios (Gym X Boxing) def. Matthew Lopez (Brotherhood BC)
Khamall Dubkley (Freeport PAL) def. Kerry Duperval (Westbury Boxing)
Alexis Garcia (John’s Boxing Gym) def. Keslire Exavier (Westbury Boxing )
Ethan Munoz (NYC Cops & Kids BC) def. Michael Intriago (Unattached )
Alex Figueroa (Mendez Boxing) def. Jemesias Dejesus (El Maestro Boxing Gym)
Christopher Sealy (WTF) def. Deandre Wilson (Morris Park BC )
Rhamel Sanders (Morris Park BC) def. Stephen Colbert (Southbox)

Friday, February 8
Church Street Boxing
25 Park Place, Manhattan

152-pound Novice Men
Justin Travesio (Gleasons Athletic Club) def. Jaykwan Taillefer (Mendez BC)
Alejandro Torres (Gleasons Athletic Club) def. John Argueta (Unattached)
Alexander Guzman (Kayo BC) def. Afriyie Poku (Sweatbox BC)
Jayson Capetillo (Brotherhood BC) def. Jorge Lara (John’s Gym)
Gavan Barrett (Mendez BC) def. Salvatore Pomilla (Champs BC)
Dayan Catano (John’s Gym) def. Edward Ugrinsky (Unattached)
Emanual Capriotti (Unattached) def. Javier Velasquez (Eastern Queens BC)
Jason Castanon (Sweatbox BC) def. Clinton Howard (Gleasons Athletic Club)
Jahqwon Humbert (New Bec Stuy BC) def. Rolan Nzonzila (Unattached)
Salah Ali (Mendez BC) def. William Pugh (Unattached)

Saturday, February 9
Gleason’s Gym
130 Water Street, Brooklyn

165-pound Novice Men
Peter Ramos (New Bed Stuy BC) def. Niall Curran (Unattached)
Ulugbek Giyazov (Bars BC) def. Malik Ridley (Champs)
Michael Antuofermo (Freeport PAL) def. Travain Hillaire (Gym X BC)
Esteban Noyala (Mendez BC) def. Josue Villion (Gleasons Athletic Club)
Keven Desroches (Westbury BC) def. Ephrain Mondesir (NYC Cops & Kids)
Todd Barbarino (Westbury BC) def. Junior Lopez (Bars BC)
Wyatt Malcolm (Mendez BC) def. Lawrence Michel (NYC Cops & Kids)
Nehemiah Williams (NYC Cops & Kids) def. Marc Robins (Green Fitness Studio)
Terrence Coleman (New Breed BC) def. Lloyd Rosario (Starrett City BC)

Friday, February 15
Work Train Fight
636 Broadway, New York

141-pound Novice Men
Elvis Cardenas (Champs BC) def. Elvis Castro (Southbox)
Khamall Dubkley (Freeport PAL) def. Baltazar Castro (Sweatbox)
Rakwon Butler (Gleason’s Athletic Club) def. Alexis Garcia (John’s Boxing Gym)
Xavante Felton (Westbury Boxing) def. Ethan Munoz (NYC Cops & Kids BC)
Christopher Sealy (WTF) def. Jensey Diaz (Brotherhood BC)

201-pound Novice Men
Brian Glynn (New York Athletic Club Boxing) def. Christopher Mitchell (Gleasons Athletic Club)
Ross Glachman (NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club) def. Alexis Garcia (John’s Boxing Gym)
Rostyslav Skikun (Underground Boxing Gym) def. Aris Santos (Atlantic-Veteran’s Memorial Boxing Club, Inc.)
James Diamond (Freeport PAL) def. John Hugues (Mendez Boxing)
Anthony Bulluck (Top Tier Boxing) def. David Ortiz (IBF)

201+-pound Novice Men
Laron Rhodie (Unattached) def. Quinn Sealy (Boxingology, LLC)
Marcos Cox El (Unattached) def. Emil Golaszewski (IBF)

Saturday, February 16
Main Street Boxing
156 Gramatan Avenue, Mt. Vernon

123-Pound Novice Men
Asheer Al Azeem (Green Fitness Studio) def. Antonio Lucaine (Main Street Boxing)
Andrew Jones (Floyd Patterson BC) def. Frankie Garcia (Brotherhood BC)
Franck Morganti (NYC Cops & Kids BC) def. Ramon Rivera (NewBurgh Hook Inc Elite Boxing)

178-Pound Novice Men
Bobbylee Watson (Sweatbox) def. Connor Delaney (Unattached)
Sergio Ministro (Mendez BC) def. Pablo Banderas (Sweatbox)
Koray Turhan (Main Street Boxing NY) def. Justin Green (Fight Factory)
Arben Markasheviq (Bars Boxing Co) def. Daniel Fornes (NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club)
Nicholas Ferrandino (Champs Boxing Club) def. Louis Maietta (Morris Park Boxing Club)
Dimitrije Petrovic (Mendez Boxing) def. Nikita Lisitsa (Green Fitness Studio)
Jawanza Taylor (Champs Boxing Club) def. Zakory Cron (Gleason’s Athletic Club)
Elmer Mendez (Westbury Boxing) def. Patrick Rock (Bars Boxing Co)